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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to heat seal ribbons....

There are a number of ways to heat seal the ends of ribbon to prevent them from fraying. Here are the most common ways:

1. Candle: Yup, just your household candle flame will work just great. Just be careful because it is a real flame!

2. Wood burner: You can purchase this tool from any craft or hobby store.

3. Lighter: This tends to heat up faster and could possible burn easier.

**Instructions for 1-3: Quickly pass the ends of your newly cut ribbons under a flame from left to right. Be sure you get it out before the ribbon burns. About one trip through should do the trick! If not repeat once more.

4. Heat Sealing Tool: Sold HERE Follow the instructions on packaging.

5. Product: Such as Fray Check. This can be found at most sewing stores. Follow the directions on the packaging.

6. Clear Fingernail Polish: Paint a thin coat on the edges and allow them to dry. This should prevent them from fraying. Apply more when needed.

**Instructions for 4-6: Make sure the nail polish doesn't change the color of your ribbon before you put it on your finished product. You can test it on the underside that is not going to show.

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