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Monday, July 7, 2008

What makes The Orange Plum different?

So what makes The Orange Plum different?

VELCRO: They have a small, thin piece of velcro on the underside so it stays in place and won't slip off your head!

RIBBON: No headaches with these headbands - The ribbons can be tied as tight you prefer - this way you are guaranteed a custom fit - whatever size your head may be! Make sure you tie them in a knot for a good fit!

WASHABLE: They are made from durable fabric!

QUALITY: They have hidden stitching to show the entire pattern! These headbands are made with great fabric, velcro, ribbon and buttons.

2 IN 1: Each 2" - 3" headband can be worn Thick (2" or more) or Thin (1" - 1.5")! ** To make the headband thin, just fold it in half and attach velcro pieces together to ensure it stays together.

VERSATILE: They can be worn with any outfit, to cover up your roots in between trips to the salon, to the gym, to the pool, or in the sun to prevent your scalp(part) from getting sunburned. They can be worn just about ... ANYWHERE!

AFFORDABLE: You can't beat our prices for the quality that you recieve!

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